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Confidentiality Statement

Pathways to Family Peace seeks to create a safe environment for participants to disclose private, personal, and sensitive information regarding themselves and their family members. The Pathways to Family Peace program allows advocates, men’s group facilitators, Global Rights for Women (GRW) staff and board members, and others to request the opportunity to observe men’s domestic violence offender groups for professional development purposes. Pathways to Family Peace and GRW reserve the right to limit observation or refuse to allow observation in any of its group sessions. Each men’s group participant has been informed that observers may participate in men’s groups, and has signed a waiver of confidentiality allowing observers to participate. 


I understand that as a condition to observing a men’s domestic violence offender group of Pathways to Family Peace, I agree to: 


  • Keep confidential all personal information disclosed by any of the men’s groups participants

  • Keep confidential all identifying information of all men’s group participants and their partners and family members, including their names, places of residence, criminal history, mental health history and diagnoses, places of employment, and schools

  • Sign this confidentiality agreement in order to participate in a men’s group 

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