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About the Program

Focus of Men's Videoconference Program: Intimate Partner Adult Relationships and Parenting

  • One Intake Assessment
  • 27 session program
  • 90 minutes per session
  • One exit interview
  • Requires participants to be available and participate at a predetermined day and time each week
  • Requires active participation
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Cable internet connection/Participants cannot use cellular data to participate
Intake Assessment Fee:  $25
Sliding Fee Scale:
  • $10 per session for unemployed participants
  • $20 per session for part-time employed  and seasonally employed participants
  • $30 per session for full-time employed participants
  • Co-facilitated by a male / female co-facilitator team for men's group
  • Addresses intimate partner relationships and parenting
  • Engages men in a dialogical self-reflective process
  • Makes it easier for men from any location to attend a court ordered class
Pathways to Family Peace is NOT:
  • A self-paced educational course
  • A pre-packaged on-line "educational module" program
  • A pass/fail course 
Technology and format requirements:
  • Webcam that allows for "live" participation
  • Reliable internet connection for video and audio
  • Participants CANNOT use cellular data to connect
  • A confidential physical space where participants have no one else in sight or sound of them and with no interruption. Participants cannot be outdoors when connecting or riding or driving in a vehicle
  • Use of headphones with a microphone
  • Tablet, iPad, laptop computer or desktop computer
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