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About us

Pathways to Family Peace is a non-violence domestic violence program. In 2018, Pathways began as an international research project to decide if offering a men's non-violence program for domestic violence is appropriate using videoconference software technology.  

​The program was initiated by Melissa Petrangelo Scaia of Minnesota and Jon Heath of Maine.

This "live" video-conference men's non-violence program option for court ordered domestic violence groups is now available and taking referrals.


Pathways to Family Peace uses the Duluth Model's "Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter" curricula and the addendum curricula entitled "Addressing Fatherhood with Men Who Batter" (Scaia, Connelly & Downing, 2007).  


We are also taking referrals for women domestic violence offenders.  For that group we use the "Turning Points:  A Non-Violence Program for Women" curricula.

To find out more information about the program click here.

To get the form for clients and or for referrals please click here.

Phone or text:  218-203-9671


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